CHAOS is playing here: boldly and even drastically combining the colours of flowers, plant species, spectacular flower gardens are full of not only flowers, but also a variety of vegetables - tomatoes, cabbages, artichokes, pumpkins, beets, etc. This year festival surprises with a special focus on the decoration of historical architecture, where flower installations are raised to tens of meters, and giant sculptures with floral compositions bloom in different colours and perspectives.
miller's house
Hotel based in former miller's house has rooms that are cozy, unique and each with their own spirit. Staying in this hotel lets you to dive into historical atmosfere and feel like at home.
manor hotel
Classicist style palace in Pakruojis manor has 11 rooms for baron's guests opening doors to everyone, who wishes to experience historical luxury.
the Inn traktierius
We kindly invite you to taste delicious dishes, home-made beer of exceptional local traditions, special types of beer from the local region, and enjoy dishes that use beer.
Central palace restaurant
Have lunch, dinner, commemorate the most beautiful celebrations and occasions of life in an exclusive manor environment, where the rulers of the manor Ropai were feasting.
White hall
The white banquet hall is the largest space in the manor, where you can dine under a magnificent roof, enjoy the unique aura, splendor and legend of the hall.
(can accommodate up to 150 people at a time)

The museum hosts guided tours of the architectural and park ensemble, expositions, and exhibitions
Unwritten stories of the manor
Something seems to have been heard somewhere, as if read… But have you seen the beauty of the palace with your own eyes? Have the stories told by Baroness' lips been heard?
This program is a special historical time with Baroness and real stories of the manor right firsthand. Accompanied by her, you will travel through the corridors of the manor house, which still remembers the times when nobles walked through them. You will have a special Baron's drink. You will continue on to the most secret and interesting places of the manor house, where you will hear the savory stories of the manor and their rulers. During this tour you will go back 100 years and feel the real 19th century atmosphere of the manor. Excursion to the Museum's permanent exhibition. History of living rooms', bedrooms' and libraries' interiors.

Price - 7 Eur/pax, for groups from 12 pax
Visiting historical spirits distillery
We invite you to a programme with the degustation of exceptional tastes "Visiting historical spirits distillery".

Near the old pharmacy, you'll be met by the Baron himself. He'll give you the tour around the restored historical spirits distillery, talk about the 'colourful' coming of spirits to the manor, benefits and various details about spirits. During the program you'll have a degustation of even four collectional manors drinks.

Price - 12 Eur/pax, for groups from 15 pax
Beer tasting with manor's brewer
One of the most exiting programs in Pakruojis Castle is visiting XIX a. authentic beer brewery and taking part in a "Beer road" program.

Our brewer for his beer making process uses authentic wooden barrels, witch is quite rare in Lithuania. Here guests learn about barons statutes and history of beer and brewery. During the excursion you will get to uncover secrets of brewing, and get to taste various strength beer made using knowledge from long lasting manor traditions.

Price - 12 Eur/pax, for groups from 20 pax
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Karčiamos g. 9, Pakruojis, LT-83166